Re: Tek 7613 Desoldering Large P/S Capacitors

Robert Simpson

Something else is to leave a good 2 inches from the solder wick end and pull the wick through the liquid pool of solder. 2 seconds max so the board doesn't heat up. Let the board cool down between attempts.

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In my experience a soldering gun is a waste of time because the tip is
not a good heat sink. I have found that my 220W American Beauty iron
with a good big copper heat sink tip and a solder sucker never fails to
get a can loose.


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if you clip the old cap leads you won't have the option to gut and stuff
them with good caps should you have trouble finding direct replacements.
plan your installation before deciding to destroy the old caps.

if you go to the trouble to get them out, however you do it, i think it
would be foolish to put 35 yr old caps back. just think what the board
will look like after one of them fails and you have to desolder it again.

previous post about adding solder is a good one.

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> I'm no expert with a soldering iron, but I've put a few hours in.
I've got a 7613 with a power supply that's putting out low voltage (the
130v is 113v and the 50v is 40v). I want to pull the caps to test them
thoroughly out of circuit (they have 1979 mfg dates). There are 6-8
large, 5 pole caps, and they are soldered in.
> I've tried a solder sucker, an Ungar vacuum iron, a Weller 260watt
iron and the wiggle method, and wick. I'm making a mess of the first
cap. I separated on of the pads already.
> I got the first cap backed out of the holes a couple of millimeters
with the 260watt and the wiggle method. But it's a terribly brutal
process for the cap and for the board.
> I'm tempted to clip the leads and remove them one by one, but this
will send the caps to the trash can. With 1979 dates am I being a miser
trying to salvage them?
> Are these the worst caps in the world to have to desolder/remove? Has
anyone had any success they can enlighten me with?

Before I came here I was confused about this subject. Having listened
to your lecture I am still confused. But on a higher level.
Enrico Fermi

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