Re: CRT magnetic screens: Mumetal?

Ed Breya

I think in the earlier days, or in some manuals, there were warnings about avoiding stresses on the material. It's not practical to re-anneal to original performance if seriously banged up, but the overall shielding is still pretty good even so, and certainly better than nothing. For our purposes, I wouldn't worry too much about a few dings here and there - just don't put any magnets near the defects, which could become slightly magnetized and possibly cause distortion in the CRT.

I've saved the shields from every CRT item I've ever junked out, and have worked and re-used the material for a number of applications. It loses some of its effectiveness near any cuts or sharp bends, but large planar areas that aren't stressed too much tend to be OK.


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Thanks for the confirmation guys: must have been an expensive component. There's no "warning" lable on either the shield or the manual to tell you not to knock etc.


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