Re: Spot the 'scope


Hello Julian,

I know I'm a "bit" late on this one, but the scope is definitely a 545A.

If you go to the Youtube link of the video, pause it at about 1:03 - 1:04 and go into full-screen mode, you will see the scope's name in the usual place. It's the scene where the scientist seems to be adjusting the scope's "VARIABLE" control.

It's a really nice track, by the way: I am quite a fan of Benny Benassi's stuff and have been since I heard "Satisfaction".

Did anyone spot what looks like an MPC-3000 at about 1:10?


--- In, "Julian" <Julian.Bunn@...> wrote:

I happened upon a music video by Benny Benassi that features a nice vintage Tektronix 'scope, I think it's a 545, but am not sure?

Here is the link - the 'scope appears right at the start, and throughout.

The track is called "Cinema".

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