Re: OT USB microscope for SMD any real value?

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I bought a cheap USB microscope after a recommendation from one f the forums. It was about $20.00 plus another $10.00 shipping. It has a stand, light source, focus and a scale you can calibrate it off. It can just resolve 0.002" and the image is good. An eBay search for USB microscopes will turn some up, for the price I think good value. The ads have typical images to be expected.

Don Black.

On 17-Jun-13 6:21 AM, Bert Haskins wrote:

Subject lines covers it.
There are a few different brands of USB microscopes on ebay and I'm
wondering if any list members have tried any of them.
I have a fairly large stock of SMD parts that I really can't see well
enough to use,
and wondered if ones of these would be a big help or just another piece
of "shelfware".

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