Re: how to finess a knob off


Heat may help, penetrating oil if certain metals are involved.

I would clamp the shaft and lever the knob off using pressure on the
whole circumfence of the knob, with a washer or a plate with a hole.
If there is a recessed brass or aluminium insert I would use a piece
of tubing or similar sleeve to apply pressure only to the insert, not
the plastic.


On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 3:28 PM, Jerry <> wrote:
hello all/ need some Ideas how to remove a knob on inner shaft of a horizontal position control /inner is the 10x switch/needed to be removed to access the screws under the thin nameplate panel to remove a board for repair / board is broken /but pulled to hard and shaft now pulled out of control/ hopefully repairable/ its not set screw type knob just the splitshaft type knob still cant pull it from shaft/ any ideas appreciated
thanks Jerry


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