Re: TV on a 7000 Scope - impossible on any other lab scope


I don't think it's fake: the guy posted an earlier version and explained how he raster-scanned the 'scope:

"Its a compsite video signal played out through a DVD player into a sync seperator LM1881N chip and into the scope's X,Y inputs for raster and Z input for intensity."


--- In, Stefan Trethan <stefan_trethan@...> wrote:

Didn't someone establish that this is a fake a while ago?


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Pa4tim <fredschneider@...> wrote:

That is a great video. How do you do that. I found out the film itself
also on youtube and seems to be is original clip from that song. So he
feeds the video signal ( composite ? ) to the scope. Coult be a job for a
raspberry pi.


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