Re: TV on a 7000 Scope - impossible on any other lab scope


I guess you may have already seen this, but it's one of my all-time favourites. (Good music as well).


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There is a low power analog TV station still transmitting in Portland around
80MHz. Over the weekend a physics professor at Portland State University
showed me his contribution to the list of impossible things only a 7000
scope can do. He displayed the image from the TV station right off the air
onto the CRT. He did it on a 7834 (storage was off) using a 7B70 and a 7B92
in the outermost slots to generate a raster, and a 7L12 tuned to 80MHz to
lock onto the TV station's signal. A simple telescoping whip antenna was all
he used. Attached is a photo I took of the CRT of the 7834.

When I got home to Seattle I could not find any analog stations still
transmitting in our area so I had to figure out a quick way to make my own
TV station. The picture I took duplicates the professor's work but with much
poorer results since I was using a cheap wireless camera a substitute for
the low power Portland TV station. Attached is an image I took of the QSL
card from one of my ham radio friends - K7PJT. Contrast is poor due to the
signal from the wireless camera but his call letters are clearly visible.
The image was flipped and rotated to make it more readable so the on-screen
readout appears sideways and backwards.


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