Re: Impossible Photo except on a 7000 scope

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I meant a scan of the manual, from other postings I guess it's unobtainium platinum. Thanks for the explanations given.

Don Black.

On 05-Jun-13 11:41 AM, Don Black wrote:

They're great photos. I've never heard of the 7J20 before, does anyone know if a pdf scan is available n the Internet please. I'd like to have a look and see what it can do.

Don Black.

On 05-Jun-13 8:31 AM, Dennis Tillman wrote:


Attached is a image made from stitching two photographs together of the atomic spectrum of a Mercury Vapor Lamp. The spectrum runs from 400nm (Ultraviolet) on the far left to 1200nm (Infrared) on the far right.

This was taken with a 7J20 Rapid Scan Spectrometer plugin. The 7J20 is capable of capturing an entire 400nm spectral range in one instant or of resolving lines separated by less than half a  nanometer.


Also shown is the famous Sodium D2 doublet from a High Pressure (HP) Sodium Vapor Lamp. Unfortunately the presence of mercury in the HP Sodium lamp contaminates the doublet which would be different in amplitude in a true sodium spectra.   

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