Re: 7A26 Shuts down 7623A

Rob <rgwood@...>

I think the high points have all been hit. Look in the 7A26 manual and measure the + and – 15 and 50 V voltage supply pins to ground. You should see capacitance. i.e. starts at some ohms and builds higher  or discharges and builds when reversing leads.  If you only see resistance especially if it is low  suspect shorted tants.


I agree with the post on not just replacing caps and hoping it fixes the problem. However once I have trouble shot and found the correct capacitor/s I usually do go ahead and recap the plug-in. The manual lists all the electrolytic capacitors so it is pretty straight forward to do.. Great care should be taken if replacing any on the ‘front end’ because some of the cards are made of a type of rubber (for lack of better wording). I do often skip replacing these as a result. Chemicals (even alcohol) can cause issues there as well. The manual has adequate warnings just need to heed them.  


Another slight possibility is that the card slot in the mainframe is causing the problem. Make sure both sides have the white covers installed. These tend to keep everything aligned properly and if missing major headaches can arise.


Finally, and my biggest reason for posting because you already have been given great advice. If you are indeed going to just list them for parts. It might be wise to let it be known here 1st. I and/or others here would likely offer you reasonable amount and save you the listing fees, etc. more than likely allowing for a win-win situation.   I think however you will quickly repair these two with the help you will receive here. It is a great community.


Thanks as always for the bandwidth.


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