Re: Puzzle of the day: 465b will not trigger on channel 2 SUCCESS!


I tracked down the correct transistor for Q1746 and replaced the
temporary 2N3906 and I still get my stable CH1 and CH 2 when the trigger
source is set to CH1 or CH2 (with the calibration signal going into both
I do have one more problem though and I thought it was the 2N3906 that
was causing it so I didn't pursue it. When the trigger source is set to
Normal, The trigger light flashes and I don't have a stable trigger. If
I set the trigger mode coupling to LF REJ, I get 2 stable traces again.
(AC, HF REJ or DC do not get a stable trace).
If I set the trigger mode coupling to AC and the Vert Mode to Chop I
also get stable traces.....
Do you think I have more fault finding to do on the vertical Preamp


--- In, "jeffbathwater1" wrote:

You are a genius!
I just happen to have a 2N3906 in my junk box... I now have two rock
steady traces! Thank You!
I will track down the proper replacement but for now it looks like
this will get me going.

What a neat group!

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