Re: 7B85 mod GD


Hi Craig,

I may have the companion plugin! I have a 7B80 Mod GB, serial number

Looking at the front panel of my 7B80 it appears to be normal except for the
TIME/DIV range. The only sweep speeds it has go from 10uSec/Div (slowest) to
5nSec/Div. So it can't sweep slower than 10uSec/Div compared to an ordinary
7B80 which can go as slow as 5Sec/Div. Also, the regular 7B80's fastest
speed is 10nSec/Div so the GB version has one faster sweep speed.


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From: Craig Sawyers, Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 1:26 AM
Subject: [TekScopes] 7B85 mod GD

Hi all
Title says it all. Serial number B096537. Anyone have any clue as to what
Mod GD actually is?

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