Re: Tek 7000 Series deflection plate precision?



A concept that I've kicked around for a while comprises a scanning
electron microscope that would be inexpensive enough to offer
high-school science departments. Please understand that I'm
not familiar with electron microscope technology and the
concept may be technically impractical, financially unsupportable
or otherwise hopelessly flawed<g>.

Comments welcomed.


Brad AA1IP

I'm not familiar with electron microscopes, but I remembered having read many years ago an article about an electron microscope built by students. It was featured in the 'Amateur Scientist' section of Scientific American magazine (when it was an excellent publication).

I just found the article here:

Maybe this could be of some interest for you.

(By the way, I found also a source for the book 'The Scientific American book for the Amateur Scientist' by Clair L. Stong, published in 1960. 605 pages of very interesting material, in my opinion:

Just in case someone is interested)



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