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Most likely is the copy he is using is one of the monochrome scans and the blue color has been lost.

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The 453A manual uses a thick light blue line for the demarcation,
solid circles for soldered connections, and arrows for mechanical

Based on the legend in the 453 manual which immediately follows the
schematic, the thin demarcation line was originally blue, solid
circuits are soldered connections, and open circles are mechanical

Maybe the 453 manual from ArtekManuals is a more faithful reproduction
then the various free ones floating around.

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> Mark, the black dots where the lines cross the boarder to R73, Q84 and others along that line should be open circles to signify a wire connected to something off the circuit board. Some companies assign each a terminal number to make it easier to assemble or repair the equipment. All our schematics used 'E1, E2, E3' etc. As has been pointed out, that line that appears to be shorting out everything should have been broken up dashes, but whoever scanned it either darkened the lines, or had the scanner configured wrong. The lines on the paper schematics are obviously board demarcation points.
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>>I'm probably being really dense, but which line are you saying should be
>>dashed? I'm seeing five of those demarks around components Q84 and the
>>R75 pot that look like they are tying those circuit traces together.
>>Should those be little "hoops" that show a crossing but not connection
>>point? If so, then the ground point in this instance wouldn't make a
>>whole lot of sense showing where it is the schematic.
>>On 05/20/2013 08:28 AM, Tom Miller wrote:
>>> That line should have been dashed. Print it out and trace over it with a red
>>> pencil and it will make a lot more sense.
>>> If you put the whole schematic together, you can follow the line completely
>>> around the circuit. It is there to identify all the board mounted parts.
>>> I have seen it done the same on a few other Tek manuals.
>>> Tom

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