Re: Anyone have experience shipping to France?

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

UK and Ireland are a disappointment as
many packages get lost or returned --
I've bought hundreds of things from the US, and only had a single screw up
in the UK when a large box was returned to the US. Parcel Force refunded
all shipping and re-shipping charges.

If something is sent via USPS it always comes into the UK via Parcel Force.
They clear the parcel through customs, and let you know so that you can pay
the tax. They then try to deliver three times, leaving a post card each
time. They then retain the parcel for a further 16 calendar days before
returning to the sender.

So they return to sender about three weeks after they get the parcel from
Customs, so probably about five weeks after it was shipped.

Their claim for loss, damage or other cause is here
-compensation . I've only had to claim twice in 20 years - one for the box
returned to the US, and once for a Tormek wet grinding machine (a sizable
and rugged machine) for sharpening chisels and plane irons etc. That as
only coming a hundred miles or so, and it looked like it has been run over
with a truck (even the 12 mm drive shaft was bent). Total claim was for
over £400, which they paid without protest. I've never had anything lost
coming in.


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