Re: Anyone have experience shipping to France?


US postal service Priority mail is the only economical option that I have found for international shipping. I haven't had significant issues mailing stuff across the pond, once I figured out some basic stuff.

1) I list actual value on Customs form. Receiver of package will have to pay duty. What do they say about Taxes and Death.
2) Put an invoice inside the package.
3) Be patient - 2 weeks minimum - 3 or 4 weeks wouldn't be surprising.

Mike W.

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I sent something valuable to a buyer in France.

When I mailed it I was told it could not be insured for more than $100 (due
to some French regulation) if sent by the US Post Office.

As an alternative I chose to require a signature so that I would know it was
delivered safely. That also means the USPS tracks the package.

Although it was not a big or heavy package the shipping charges still came
to about $100.

The USPS tracking kept me informed as the package moved into French Customs
and then as it was handed off from customs into the French Postal System.
That was on May 6th. The buyer still has not received the package and is
getting worried.

Yesterday I received this notice from the USPS:

In response to your request dated May 14, 2013, we regret to inform you that
we were

unable to locate any delivery information in our records regarding your item

Does anyone have any suggestions on what is going on or what I can do to
find out what happened to the package?


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