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Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 7:24 AM
Subject: [TekScopes] A sad shipping story

Hello from Spain,

Well, it had to happen someday... yesterday I got my 'new' Tektronix 466 /
DM-44, coming from UK by UPS. It was well packaged, with lots of bubble
wrap and plastic peanuts, in an strong and large box. But, despite this,
seems it was thrown over the worst point: front panel side. Results: lots
of broken knobs, bent or broken shafts, damaged internal controls (CH1
POSITION, VAR TIMEBASE at least). I don't know if the tube could have any
internal damage, as the impact was sure large, because front panel was
protected (I have received about 400 items in last 6 years and, trust me,
this one was really well packaged!)

And this item was last calibrated in 2001 and was in a really good shape
:-( before shipment.

To make me feel sicker, I had just (one hour before!) received a poorly
packaged Heathkit IO-4540 oscilloscope. Of course, this last did not
survive the long trip by Surface Mail from USA to Spain. Case is
smashed, chassis is bent and so forth. I got it at eBay and the seller,
once he knew what happened, told me that the item was properly packaged
and blamed the Postal Service :-(

So yesterday was not a great day for me.

Now I need to find some Tektronix 466 knobs (CH1 ATTENUATOR, CH1 POSITION
and several small knobs) and perhaps some internal potentiometers. I could
use less than perfect knobs (I recall to read some time ago one person
offering non-perfect knobs). Also, some fiber shafts are broken. CH1
ATTENUATOR assembly is also damaged internally... I think a 465 assembly
would also serve as a parts donnor. Please, let me know if you have any
or 466 parts unit. Thanks!

Best regards,

La Canyada - Valencia (SPAIN)

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