Re: 1N3718 tunnel diode testing (475 scope trigger TD)

Don Black <donald_black@...>

You will probably see a gap in the trace where the TD switches too fast for the scope to see. In order to see the full curve you need big solid low inductance block terminals for the TD and low impedance source. I believe the GE tunnel diode data book has details (been a while since I looked).

Don Black.

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> 2.5 volts across 1600 ohms is only about 1.6 milliamps.

Indeed and just after posting I saw the obvious; however, I neglected to mention that the generator can be offset to sweep from zero volts to some as yet undetermined maximum around 15 volts and I did crank it up to max but did not calibrate the X axis sweep on the scope so I likely undershot IsubP -- will verify that.

So much for hurrying to get a result before heading to work.

Thanks for the replies.


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