Re: Solder Sucker Hax

Robert Simpson

Thanks for the tip.
Well, I hope it works, I just bought one. I struggle getting ecaps off PC mainboards with desoldering braid.
This is a major purchase for me, so got my fingers crossed.

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As u say that...I might make up a backup sucker for grins out of a small 12VDC vacuum pump (from jameco) that pulls 25mmHG vac using a 1/2L brass reservoir I have. I already have fast acting (15 msec) 12V 3-way solenoid valves from Ingersoll Rand. I have lots of left over parts, MAP sensors etc., from a blow off valve & boost control brain system I designed for turbo cars. Prob. make a nozzle attachment out of 3/8" copper pipe brazed onto the soldering iron insert tip.

Ah...maybe someday when I don't have a 2465A to recap!

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On my Weller DS227 desoldering setup, I have a 1/2 HP vacuum pump
rated at 3 CFM in free air drawing from a vacuum reservoir so the air
flow starts as fast as I can open the air valve. The limit on air
flow appears to be the tubing leading up to the desoldering tip since
it collapses do to the vacuum. I am thinking of picking up a solenoid
operated valve so one hand will be left free.

It is probably overkill but I already had the pieces and I have no
complaints about the performance so far.

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. . .

Even more important in my opinion than flow or absolute pressure is
that the flow is sudden. It does no good to slowly start sucking, this
will only cool the solder joint. To achieve this I add a power supply
to all Zhongdi stations so that the starting current for the motor can
be provided easily. The newer models already have a switchmode supply
but the old ones had just a transformer.
The pump in the handle would have an advantage in this regard, but the
pressure drop even with the hose is very sudden as long as the motor
starts fast.

. . .
You guys should save some money, here is a Chinese version of a popular de solder gun which looks OK to me and uses same parts.
Ebay No 250986032101
I will be purchasing this shortly.

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