Re: Solder Sucker Recommendation?

Glenn Little

I started with a solder sucker. Soon went to a Weller/Endico desoldering iron. I soon cut off the squeeze bulb and built a vacuum system consisting of a refrigerator compressor (used vacuum side), a tank (about 2 cubic feet), a vacuum switch and a foot switch actuated solenoid valve to suck the solder. This lasted for a year or so. Now I use a PACE desoldering system. The only maintenance done on this has been to replace the motor run relay with a current transformer and a SSR, I have cleaned the vanes in the rotary vane where rosin vapor had deposited. I keep a clean filter in the extraction tube and a filter at the vacuum port on the base unit. A pump close to the nozzle may create a higher vacuum, but, it will be more prone to failure from rosin vapors. I have found that after removing about 20 pounds of solder from circuit boards, the biggest problems are caused by clogged filters and rosin vapor.

Just my experience.

BTW a good torch tip cleaner makes a good cleaner for the desoldering tips.


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i just bought a solder sucker and it works  o-k first one ihve used that was self heating/all 8 dollar /wud it be worth removing the plunger and putting a vacuum line to it
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Try 400 works best in my experience with both hand pump and hakko. Don't go beyond that though unless you really have to (i.e. a really thick board with multiple ground planes or massive components; or ROHS stuff of course).

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> Thanks for all the recommendations. I conclude that the Hakko 808 is the way to go.
> I note that its minimum temperature is listed as 380°C, which is 30°C higher than I have been using, so perhaps I might get better results with my Soldapullt by increasing my working temperature a bit.

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