Re: Solder Sucker Recommendation?

Dave C <davec2468@...>

Throw out (or into a drawer -- they're always useful in some situation) the hand solder sucker. Get a Hakko (or Chinese knock-off) vacuum desolder iron. You'll curse yourself that you didn't do it much sooner.

This is the type Hakko I have (with the pencil-type iron, not the pistol grip, but that's a personal preference):

I got mine for around US$100 on ebay.

It is so fast and simple to use it's ALMOST -- as someone else said -- fun!



On May 7, 2013, at 4:28 PM, Philip wrote:

Is this as good as can be hoped for on these old boards and solder or is there a better way? Does any one have a recommendation for a good solder sucker or other desoldering method than I have described for removing components while preserving the integrity of the board and lands?



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