Re: Solder Sucker Recommendation?

Philip McIntosh

I recently bought an X-Tronic 9020-XTS rework station and that is what I have been using. I generally like it.

When I got it, I experimented on an old scrap board (not a Tek though) with the temperature and have been running it at about 352°C with a fairly large wedge tip. What temperatures are other people using?

Anything less than that and it does not seem to liquify the solder very well. I note that the solder on these 25-30 year old boards does not seem to melt as easily as it does on newer boards. I also touch up the joint with a little fresh solder before attempting to desolder. Maybe I need different solder. Recommendations on that would be welcome too.

I have some repair jobs coming up and don't want to dive in until I am sure of my method and materials.


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What are you using for an iron?

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