Re: CRT replacement for TDS7xx scope


Hi Howard,

You can use the LCD in Ebay item 170877360368.

You will need to make a voltage regulator that will use the existing 25V for the CRT into 12V needed by this kit. You will also need to find a way to mount the LCD and controller to the front panel. Yes, you use the existing VGA output. If you buy the kit, make sure you tell the seller that you want the CARTV128.BIN firmware, or you won't be able to line up the video quite right. You can see one that I converted in Ebay item 221203719866.

The right hand menu buttons don't quite line up, however...

Good luck!


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I have a 784D that is working quite well--calbrated this January--but has a dim screen. It is barely workable in strong light, ok if the lighting is reduced. I can get by by using an external VGA monitor, would like to develop a more portable solution. What has been the experience with replacing with an LCD or other solutions? I'm assuming that the LCD replacement skips around the existing CRT/Shutter and is just a VGA LCD driven from the source for the back panel VGA output. If anyone has posted a description of a conversion, I would be interested in that, too.



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I have a TDS784D that works perfectly except the CRT is dim and the internal adj pot is maxed out. Most likely the CRT is worn out.
Norway Labs offers a LCD conversion for $1150. I have looked over the manual for this and it looks like a nice and easy conversion. Since the scope already provides a VGA output, it appears that this is used to drive the LCD. The kit includes a custom PCB to interface the LCD which I beleive it is nothing more than a 640x480 VGA monitor. Does anyone have experience with such a modified unit? Is there any downside to using a LCD display compared to the original CRT/Shutter? I understand viewing angle is an issue with LCD's but newer displays ar emuch better than they used ot be in this regard.
$1150 is a bit more than I want to spend; considerably more than I paid for the scope! I have found a company in China that will sell me a high quality 6.4" LCD, back light inverter and a VGA driver board for about $200. I'll need to fabricate my own metalwork to mount it in the scope but that looks fairly easy. I'd be interested in communicating with anyone that might have already done this?


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