Re: Tek 2211 - Intermitent information display issues.

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Yes 500uV/div is nice. I wish my 200Mhz LeCroy had this. I didn't realize this scope had this setting though. Ill have to look at it when I get home. I will check this out and see how much the service manual is.

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The 2211 is suppose to be nice for audio because of the 500uV/div

I have seen this problem before in my 7854 which I easily repaired. I
would look for a partial open in the vertical readout circuit chain
between the readout board and the vertical amplifier. My first
suspect would be the trimmer potentiometer which controls the vertical
readout gain but it could also be a bad solder joint or bad resistor.
The trimmer potentiometer was the bad part on my 7854.

I have never seen a service manual for the 2211 but you may be able to
find the vertical readout gain adjustment without it. ArtekManuals
has a 2211 service manual available though.

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This 2211 seems to perform well in all areas other then the info display. The problems are intermittent and seem to happen on their own. I cannot cause the display to mess up by messing with the scope. It seems to happen intermittently regardless of working with the scope or not.

Here is a very simple youtube video that gets right to the point. At the start you see a great display and info in the correct spot. Then about 1:35 you see the screen information slide up in proper position.

I cannot find a service manual for the life of me. What do you think the problem is? Have you seen this type of thing before?

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