Re: OT: the capacitor curse

Richard Loken <richardlo@...>

On Mon, 22 Apr 2013, Stefan Trethan wrote:

P.S.: Who is Kim Kardashian? Should I know her, how many scopes has she
got? And will she sell any to make room for the nursery?
I recently saw a reference in a printed magazine to bad hehaviour by famous
people and they spoke of somebody named Kim Kardashian. I asked my wife
who Kim unpronouncable might be and she doesn't know either.

I assume it is one of the characters out of Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9 which
I sometimes watched back when I had a TV set. There were a group of aliens
on there called Kardashians weren't there?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently made it easy for me not to
miss TV, they turned off all their rural television transmitters.

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