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Sorry Dave, but this is on list.
I recently bought a CD from Artekmedia and unfortunately it was broken in two in the post, obviously something heavy had snapped it. The offer to either send a new disk or a download came immediately without any quibbles, just an apology. I simply got the download and all's well, really excellent service. And the scan is excellent too. We are indeed fortunate to have such a good service available, let's support it.

Thanks Dave,
Don Black.

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Since we're at it I would suggest to Dave to not use paper labels on the CDs, they tend to unbalance the disk and some DVD readers will tend to start in high speed mode with tons of vibrations... this is OK with desktop units but not so nice when it happens inside an >$1200 Thinkpad.... include the sticker in the envelope but don't affix it on the CD.... let the user decide if he wants to stick it on the disk or not...


In 14 years in the business we have never had a complaint about labels coming loose or put on crooked that it causes vibration (and bit error) . Now that could just mean it happened and no one complained . We do use a full doughnut style label and have a jig that centers the label on the disk before adhesion.

  I only have records handy at the moment   going to back to 2008 ((I have to mount an old hard drive to go back further)) but I only show that you bought one CD from us in that time frame and that was only 5 weeks ago . IF that label is off center and causing vibration  we will happily reimburse your postage just to examine it and send you a replacement CD at no charge as well.

Letting the end user put the label on themselves is fraught with all kinds of problems
1) Most users do not have the jig to properly center the label.
2) I am willing to bet that at least one gonzo on every 250 will put the label on the wrong side. We have been known to do that ourselves when we get in a hurry , fortunately our process is to attache the label BEFORE the CD is burned which is self policing.
3) The current mailer weighs out at exactly 1 oz adding the paper backing for the label would put it over at 1.1 oz and your cost would go up another $1 per disk mailed. In your particular case since you seem to be an expert in the matter  if you purchase another CD from us you may request that the label be sent seperately and we will be happy to bill you for the additional postage.

Generally speaking there are a number of reasons not to use the CD other than for the  initial loading onto your hard-drive and for backup in case you have a drive crash.
1)Reading PDF's ( especially large ones) from a CD is very slow compared to reading it from your hard drive. Save the files to your hard drive and store the CD as backup
2) "Burned" CD's do not last forever, most industry studies I have seen suggest a 3 year life. I however  have 100's of burned CD's here going back 14 years and have never had one go bad. In fact the only bad "burned" CD I have ever seen was a competitors disk that someone mistakenly sent me for replacement. Actually not a reflection on the competitor  as I suspect that burned CD life is a function of storage practices more than anything,not the quality of the disk or the burner. To that end "Cool, Dry and Dark" is the mantra. "Pressed" CD/DVD commercial Music and Video , are another matter those have purported lives longer than the original owner.

And lest someone asks "why not print directly on the CD" ? the answer to that one
1) The raw CD price more than doubles ( would increase our cost about $1500/year)
2) Very few printers support printing direct CD's

Finally in closing let me reiterate our  warranty policy: ArtekMedia & ArtekManuals offers a lifetime ( yours or mine which ever is shorter)  warranty on all PDF's & CD's. If for ANY REASON your pdf file is no longer readable we will replace it via mail for the cost of postage or via download for free. When my own warranty runs out I have  made arrangements for all my files to become public domain via a popular download site so that all this work (2500+ manuals and growing) is not lost to what will be the antique collectors out there by then.

Sorry for the bandwidth but I needed to set the record straight, I will GLADLY ACCEPT FURTHER COMMENTS OFF LIST. pelase no more OT bandwidth on this subject


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