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Hi Stefan,

keep in mind, that even in the EU the warranty period is only 6 month for a "real" warranty.
After this time the "burden of proof" ( Beweislastumkehr) is active, that means, that the client has to proof, that the fault was in the construction or "growing"  in the part. This means that the client / customer needs to provide on own cost a report of an expert (Gutachten)  which is "real gambling" !


Am 22.04.2013 17:58, schrieb Stefan Trethan:


Only at the equator, the year is shorter near the poles, obviously. ;-)

Seriously what do you expect. You want to buy that cable box cheap, and they want to sell you as many as possible. Warranty period in the EU is two years. Surely you can figure it out what is going on from here......

There are markets that will grudgingly pay a premium for reliability, such as industrial and medical, consumer electronics is not one of them.

Power off all equipment when not in use, and consider yourself lucky that you can at least change the caps. 98.3% of the population has to go and buy a new box.


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by the way .... 1 year == 8760 hours

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