Re: HV Arcing problem

Robert Simpson

Which Glyptol? The internet showed several kinds.

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Actually I have a bottle of Glyptol and I put some on the spot the arc
was coming out of the HV wire and transformer.... It's stopped.
I wondered if a pin hole or something opened up. I knew that could
cause arcing but hadn't thought of a crack. Good suggestion.

Being a broadcast engineer for 53 years, I've done a lot of that too.
Fixed a lot of transmitter HV arcing and TV sets.
Thanks... sometimes the mind needs a jump start.

On 04/18/2013 4:47 PM, miketakeguess wrote:


I'm guessing if you look closely you will see a small dot or crack in
the HV tripler where the arcing is coming from. Somehow the tripler
had a weak spot in it, and the high voltage finally broke through that
weak spot. The best way to fix it is to use some ordinary RTV (ie,
silicone seal) from Home Depot. Put a blob of the RTV on the spot
where it is arcing and the problem will go away.

I fixed a TDS644A scope this way, and a ton of television sets back in
the early 80s using this same method.

Good luck,

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Bob W5UQ 2 <w5uq2@> wrote:

My TEK 2445 has developed a pop... pop.... pop-pop.
Okay. Even though I am a sage engineer, I have to admit that I'm not
sure what changed to cause this to happen, all of a sudden.

I took it apart and it's arcing from the red HV cable to the ground
shield right where the HV cable comes out of the HV tripler to go to

Thank goodness I can use my other TEK2445. However, it seems to have
arrays of dots popping on the screen. Then they will go away. I saw
this once a few months ago and it went away.

Any ideas on that would shortcut my trouble shooting on it too. I have
loads of other gear to fix and stopping to fix my scopes, which I love,
isn't in the schedule. :-)



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