Re: Planning 2467B LVPS re-cap

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Hello Valentin, I'm interested in all your results please, either emailed to me or posted on the web.

Thanks, Don Black.

On 17-Apr-13 8:35 AM, vdonisa wrote:

Hello All,

After all was said and done I did some forensics on the old capacitors as seen here:

The conclusions on short:

- all the Chong 100uF/50V capacitors (not only the vented one) were in very poor shape
- the 2 Nichicon VX 47V/25V on the A2 board were not doing very well either
- one of the big blue Spragues was doing worse than the other
- the two Nichicon SE 100uF/35V in the HVPS (A9 board) were not in great shape (this came as a surprise)
- all other caps were "decent" at best except the 4.7u tantalum that was doing really well within datasheet specs.

If anyone thinks it would be interesting I could post the whole list of measurements including fresh capacitors for comparison.

Final conclusion: the re-cap was useful, there were several caps in there on the point of becoming popcorn.

Valentin VE3VDO

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