Re: Planning 2467B LVPS re-cap


Hi Patrick,

Thank you also for your help during the project.

The 2467B shows some 8200 hours and 3500 power cycles. However I am not sure that all boards are from the same initial scope, i.e. someone might have repaired it with a power supply or other boards salvaged from another scope.

I would like to recap the main board too if possible however my understanding is that it's pretty difficult to remove (without breaking something that is). If you gents will be encouraging and helping me with advice I will try it sometime in the future.

For now my next planned project is replacing the battery and the few caps on the A5 board. I eventually decided to go for the temporary battery pack instead of the bench power supply as I currently have an active construction site across the street and those guys are doing funny things to mains power - just today I had several power glitches strong enough to reset cable box, wi-fi router and all. I don't want to let them ruin my calibration data :-) I will probably get to doing the A5 board this weekend. I'll post photos and report of course.

Valentin VE3VDO

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Hi Valentin,

1. Thanks for posting your measurements.

2. How many hours were logged on the power-on counter?

3. Do you plan to remove the main board to replace the electrolytics there?

Patrick Wong AK6C

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... Final conclusion: the re-cap was useful, there were several caps in there on the point of becoming popcorn.

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