Re: Another 7844 funny

Don Black <donald_black@...>

It's dyslexic?

Don Black.

On 15-Apr-13 10:37 PM, Craig Sawyers wrote:

I've come across another weird thing on the 7844 - Beam 2 runs backwards.
In other words it scans from right to left. Yeah - OK the obvious one is
that the + and - inputs to the Beam 2 X amp are the wrong way round, or
there has been a pin scramble on the neck pins. Well, the ramp signals on
the boards are the right sense I keeping with the manual, and identical
between x-amp boards, and are the right amplitude. And the leads run from
the edges of the X-amps to the neck pins are is logical order, and show no
signs of having been fiddled with (no kinked or mangled leads, no evidence
that any screws have been removed).

So I guess there are two questions:

1. Is my understanding of the 7844 screwy, and Beam 2 actually runs
backwards, or
2. Anyone got any suggestions?


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