Re: Any advice on 547 power supply repair?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Hi George,

It is my intention to start making 647 transformers in the
same manner as the beeswax impregnated 547 transformers. I
am in the process of redesigning my winding machine to make
it easier and more reliable to wind all manner of different
style transformers. When I get that done, and have the
process perfected, I will make an announcement.

It might help me to speed up the process if a nice bench top
647A that needs a transformer were to find its way into my
stash... kind of like happened with a 547 and 545B..., but
regardless, it will happen one of these days.

-Chuck Harris

G. K. wrote:

Chuck, Would you take on the task of re-winding the high voltage transformer in a
647A? I have a near mint condition unit which runs for about 45 min until the
transformer gets hot and the fuse in the 2N3055 collector blows. - George

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