Re: loosing knob markings. Any hope ?

Paul Amaranth

If you have an artist's store or a drafting supply they will likely
have some of those, particularly if they've been in business for a

My local store had quite a selection, but I don't think they've been
reordering for a number of years; the stock is getting a little
depleted. Given the rise of CAD, they may not make them anymore.
Model and hobby shops might be a source.

It's probably a little involved, but Pulsar makes a dry transfer
decal kit using laser toner transfer. It's a bit fussy to get
right, but the results come out nice once you get the hang of it.
The obvious advantage is you can make a dry tranfer decal out of
anything that you can print, so matching fonts isn't a problem.
It's also one of the few ways you can make a white decal these days.


On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 11:44:11AM -0600, Dave Daniel wrote:
The ones I used had all different fonts, sizes and colors. I still have
some - I'll have to look to see if there is a brand name on any of the


On 4/12/2013 7:58 AM, Craig Sawyers wrote:

I forgot about those - I used them for making front panels. I would
put the
letters on, then spray with clear lacquer, let it cure and then bake the
panels briefly. For buttons, one could spray some "Workable Fixatif" or
matte lacquer to fix the letters and provide additional resistance to the
letters rubbing off. I hadn't though of that until just now.

Letraset. Already looked into that - minimum text height 3mm. So you would
have to do all the buttons, else the selected one or two you did would
too large.


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