Re: loosing knob markings. Any hope ?

Ed Breya

Remember dry-transfer lettering sheets? I don't know if any are still made, but modern and better equivalents probably are - I'll have to check out that website - good info.

I still have many of those old-school sheets - some over 40 years old. Unfortunately, after many years, the waxy letter material deteriorates and won't work anymore - I don't know if mine are still good. I've used them to make instrument panels and documents since I was a kid - way before PCs and printers. They're good for small projects and repairs.


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Although I never used it, I would try transfer decal print paper: or something.


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My beloved 76xx (have two) scopes are losing the black letters on their
one of them I was just dusting it off (dry fine brush) and letter just
gone like fine powder... (or became attached to my finger when I pressed
a knob)
:-( :-( :-(

Is there any nice way to apply new letters etc... or is doomed for ever ?

can I leave it without any markings or maybe ugly hand written letters
if I have the courage... hummm.... sad day for me... tek wise.

Luis Cupido

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