Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer Repair

Bob Koller <testtech@...>

The machine left, or your left viewing from the front?

From: c1ferrari
To: TekScopes@...
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 6:19 PM
Subject: [TekScopes] Tek 576 Curve Tracer Repair

Hi all,

I bought a 576 from eBay with a Tektronix cal from Dallas which expired 01-DEC-10. Everything was going well and I was learning how to use the instrument...until today.

I was attempting to characterize 6C33C tubes when smoke began to emanate from the top array of ventilation ports on the machine's left side. Immediately, I attenuated the Variable Collector Supply and switched the machine off.

I did not observe any POP or other sound in connection with this event.

Now that I've recovered, somewhat, my equilibriium -- I'm writing the post to ask this august group if there is anyone, any resource in my neck of the woods -- San Diego, that can take a look at my beloved Tek 576 CT.

Please, let me know.

Very best regards,


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