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Paul Amaranth

You'll have to TIG weld it.

I have a couple of 468 cases where the handle tore out; they're on the queue to have
a patch fabricated and welded in.

I think you're at least one short. You need another 475 to make the parts scope feel useful.

I'm not counting; I'm just saying I won't run out of fingers and toes (if you don't count
the HPs anyway)


On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 02:04:14AM -0000, Laura wrote:
I bought a 2336 that had been used as a hammer or an anvil. Couldn't tell which. The side was caved in. I cut a slot on the top edge of the case to get a flat bladed screwdriver inside. I then pried out the dent enough to slide the guts out. With the case removed I used a bottle jack to restore the original shape. The 2336 has a very rugged case.

Amazingly, the only electronic damage was four transistors had been pushed down so their leads shorted. After restoring the transistors to their normal upright positions the scope worked perfectly.

Now, how do I fix a slot cut in the edge of a 2336 case??

This was not the worst scope damage I've seen. At the NAS Alameda repair depot I saw an HP 180 that had been left sitting next to a gun turret by a forgetful Fire Control Tech. The turret rotated and turned the rectangular 180 into a parallelepiped. Ouch!

And oh yes, how many scopes should a lady have?
I have 10 scopes
2 2465B, my main scopes, the best scopes ever.
1 475, parts scope
2 2465, under repair
4 2336, under repair
1 2336 parts scope

Laura, former ET2

--- In TekScopes@..., Veronica Merryfield <veronica@...> wrote:

You never used a shoe as a hammer?

On 2013-04-10, at 4:28 PM, Bryce Schroeder <bryce.schroeder@...> wrote:

Well, one does usually need shoes to go to the store or buy new shoes, or to the cobbler to get them repaired.

On 10 April 2013 19:23, Dave Daniel <kc0wjn@...> wrote:

Well,maybe not.

Are some of your shoes used to repair other shoes?


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