Re: Tektronix 7104 and 7D20 showstopping?

Don Black <donald_black@...>

You got my point Craig. Murphy's law was a serious attempt to make us not overlook the slightest thing that might be wrong or it could be serious. The Challenger problem was also well known but not regarded as serious until the worst happened. Of course it's easy in hind sight and we're all guilty, just sad these events ended so badly. I don't miss the point that there were people who paid the greatest price.

Don lack.

On 08-Apr-13 8:30 PM, Craig Sawyers wrote:

That and the Columbia were very sad events that shouldn't have happened.
They were perfect examples of Murphy's law.

The thing that got me about Columbia is that NASA saw the piece of foam
break free and strike the wing leading edge, and took the decision that it
could not possibly have resulted in damage. So they took the decision not
to check - easily done with ground based imaging or a space walk. And then
they could have been bathed in glory by mounting a rescue or repair mission,
instead of sacrificing another crew. Contrast with the tour de force of
getting the Apollo 13 crew back in one piece, with primitive systems as
compared with today. Look - things go wrong in space missions, manned or
otherwise, which is why you absolutely have to have fault tolerant systems
and don't turn your back on clear weaknesses in the system, or fool yourself
through marketing pressure and so forth.

Massively off-topic of course, but this still makes me angry even now.


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