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Robert Simpson

So how do you test transistors safely? I would like to use my 12V AC
diode test setup but looking at a transistor spec this doesn't seem
safe. For example the 2N3906 shows 5V VEBO.

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Thanks Jerry. I have a 630 and several others that use 9 VDC. I
guess I
was just surprised that I didn't think about the series aspect of
diode. Just getting old. ha ha

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If you can get your hands on a triplett 630 you might try that, It
a higher voltage on its ohmmeter.

Some of the older Simpson 260s used either a 22.5 volt or 30 volt
battery to power the higher ohmmeter ranges. These could damage
or destroy transistor junctions by exceeding their breakdown
voltage ratings. To avoid unpleasant surprises, use a
high-impedance DC voltmeter to measure the higher resistance
ranges' open-circuit voltages.

Brad AA1IP

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