Re: Curve Tracer vs. Octopus

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Well, I'm an old fart but definitely interested.

Thanks, Don Black.

On 08-Apr-13 6:13 AM, magnustoelle wrote:

Hello again,

well, somehow I got inspired again and I have pulled out and played with my component tester over the weekend.

If the subject is of general interest, I am happy to post some more pictures and a write-up of setup-details on the usage beyond Alan's excellent video. I have used it to test Germanium- and Si-Diodes, a LED and as a very simplified transistor tester. I do not have the time or equipment to create videos, but I surely have the time to create some write-ups.

While all this is an old hat for most senior group members, it might be of interest for some beginners among us. Just let me know...



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