468 Odd blanking behavior

Paul Amaranth

I'm curious if anyone has seen this problem.

I have a 468 that exhibits some odd blanking behavior in analog
mode. If you have a waveform displayed, as you turn up the
intensity, more of the lefthand part of the waveform becomes
visible. It's like the trace grows on the left side.

The blanking pulse is strange. At TP84 it's supposed to be a
square wave. I'm seeing a square wave with a bite out of the
leading edge, the bite is about 15-20% of the peak. Bad ascii art:

+--+ |
| |
| |
---+ +---

Anyone see this?

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Rochester MI, USA
Aurora Group, Inc. | Security, Systems & Software
paul@... | Unix & Windows

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