Re: Tektronix 7104 and 7D20 showstopping?

Paul Amaranth

I picked up a 7603r the other week for parts and now I've decided to fix it
up precisely for that reason. I'm putting together a 7s11/7t11 combo and
I have a 7ct1n which I really didn't care to use in my 7904. the 7603 really
does have a nice screen.


In general the 7603 is an outstanding scope for any of the plugins that are
not limited by the mainframe speed such as the 7D01/DF2 Hardware Logic
Analyzer, 7D02 Software Logic Analyzer, 7D12 and 7D13 DMM, 7D14 and 7D15
Counters, 7D20 Digitizer, 7S11/7T11 Sampler, 7S12 TDR, 7S14 Dual Trace 1GHz
Sampler, the 7Lxx Spectrum Analyzers, the 7CT1N Curve Tracer and the 7J20
Rapid Scan Spectrometer.


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From: glennmhdk, Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 9:32 AM

I have read about Tektronix 7D20 and it puzzles me why 7D20 can damage 7104:
Page 16 (2-16) writes 7104 can not use 7D20?:

Why not? The text writes that 7D20 can cause permanent reduction in the crt
microchannel plate gain, permantly reducing the writing rate in the 7104.
What does this exactly mean? Can the intensity just be adjusted down to
counteract the incompatibility?
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