Re: Tektronix 2230 power supply, which diode type is CR907?


Thanks for the quick answer!

I am going to replace it with a HFA08TB60 because I can order it easily and it has much higher ratings (600V 8A 18ns).

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It is interesting that CR907 is listed as part number 152-0808-00 but with different amp ratings in different manuals that I have.
For example CR907 / 152-0808-00 is listed as a 1.0 amp part in the 2215A manual, and it is listed as a 1.5 amp part in the 2230 manual.
In testing, when you run the inverter of a 22xx scope from an external 43 volt power source, it does take more amperage to run the scope on the more complicated 22xx models.
Since it may be easy to get an ultra fast diode with a greater than 1.0 amp rating, it might be safest to put in that higher rated part.
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this diode is DSR 3400X = ultra fast recovery diode 600V 1° 50 nS


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I need abit help by repairing my Tek 2230 power supply.

I have tiredit to get help on the eevblog form but I have found no help with my problem.

The problemwas a blown power mosfet (Q9070). I have replaced it and the Power supply worksfine now.

But whilereplacing the mosfet I have seen that the Diode CR907 was replaced by 2 otherdiodes in parallel (I think by the previous owner). These diodes are surely notoriginal and if you connect 2 diodes in parallel the power is unevenlydistributed.

So myquestion is which diode is CR907 in original? And which diode should I put inif the original isn't available anymore?

Here is anexcerpt of the service manual. I have marked the diode red:
Tek 2230 diode

I hope youcan help me with my problem.

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