Re: Need LCD display for TEK 2336 scope (or repair advice)

Paul Amaranth

I had an old Fluke meter that I replaced the old unobtainable Fluke part with
a standard LCD, that i think cost me $3.50. It involved stringing a bunch of
wires, but it turned out well. The original part had a zerbra strip and
conductors printed on the glass, the replacement was in a DIP package.

See if you can find a similar form factor LCD; after that it's just a matter of
figuring out the connections and a little engineering.

On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 04:02:10PM -0000, barreoncall wrote:
Hello all, I am looking an LCD display for the TEK 2336 scope. This is the delay time display in the cover. Or, alternatively, does anyone have any magic fixes for an LCD display with "burn" (for lack of a better term. Where there is a lot of black on the display)

The manual I have lists it as U37 but I can't find a TEK p/n, it just says "ref U37" and that's it.

- Bill
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