Re: 475A and de-solder station

Paul Amaranth

A solder sucker and some solderwick braid for cleanup will do the job.

I have an Ungar soldering/desoldering station and I still use a solder
sucker and braid for that job. The desoldering tool won't go over the
can lugs anyway.

You have to be quick or you'll lift the traces from the board.

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 11:24:07PM -0000, jonathanrwbrooks wrote:
I am about to embark on my replacement of my 475A low voltage smoothing electrolytics and tantalum caps plus bridge rectifiers. Apologies this is a bit off subject but wondered have any of you tried the "really" cheap Duratool de-soldering station. At less than �100 with some spares; any feedback appreciated. There is a positive review on youtube. Regards Jonathan.
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