OT- inexpensive but feature rich curve tracer


While many of us here would love to have a 576 it's simply not in the budget and many will not want to repair one if purchased needing work. I've been saving up to buy a Peak DCA55 component analyzer and now I see they have an updated/improved model, the DCA75. It analyzes all kinds of semiconductors and connects to a computer to do basic curve tracing. The software is very straightforward and the data can be exported in standard excel format.

It's limited to +- 12 volts and 5ma but for many of us that's sufficient. The DCA75 allows you to clip three leads to almost any random unidentified part and find all kinds of information about it from pinout to leakage to current gain. It's found a home on the bench of many guitar effect builders because it allows them to accurately characterize germanium transistors for guitar fuzz pedals. Similarly, it can match jfet pinch voltages and measure transconductance. I'd imagine it's also popular with hifi and audio recording designers for these reasons.

I thought I'd pass it on for those that are interested- sorry to be off-topic. As many of you know, you can gain more "real" knowledge with your own curve tracer than several semesters of semiconductor theory in college. This unit puts practical learning and measurement in the hands of all but the most austere of home labs.

here's a link: http://www.peakelec.co.uk/acatalog/dca75-dca-pro.html


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