Handy hint for a screen filter

Paul Amaranth

I'm putting together a 2432a that came to me with only the clear graticle
over the CRT. I really like the blue filters though.

Going through one of my less favorite office big box stores, I found a
pack of colored acetate "project pockets". They came in an assorted
pack of green, red, brown and, thankfully, blue. A few seconds with
a paper cutter and I had a blue filter that was reasonably close to
the real Tek filters, although a bit lighter. You can get at least
8 out of the piece, so that comes out to $0.50 per filter if you
throw the rest of the pack away.

As a bonus, one side has a slightly matt finish, so it cuts down
on reflected glare.

I found those after checking through my local art and hobby supply
stores for colored plastic sheet and coming up with zip.

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Rochester MI, USA
Aurora Group, Inc. | Security, Systems & Software
paul@... | Unix & Windows

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