Re: Wanted: 7CT1N Curve Tracer Plug-In

Paul Amaranth

That's what I thought about using mine in a 7904, so I tried finding
a 5ct1n to shove into a 5103 I picked up for $20. Those things are
even worse.

I finally lucked into a guy selling a complete 5448 setup with a box of
plugins (including a 5ct1n), extenders and cart for $100. I bought it
for the plugin and ended up with another scope.

If I ever find a 576 or 577 for a reasonable price, I'll trade off the
ctn1 plugins.

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 05:05:24PM -0400, Tom Miller wrote:
A 7CT1N in a 7104 main frame???? That's overkill.


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Here's one on ebay for $350 buy it now, free shipping. Not affiliated:

Richard Phillips

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I picked up a 7CT1N which needed some basic care for about $150 in the
middle of last year. Luckily it was safely packaged inside of a 7904
along with some other plug-ins which protected it from UPS. I managed
to repair the UPS damage to the 7904 as well and now I only use my
7603 more. The 7904 still needs to have its power supply rebuilt.

I lucked out because the auction was not clearly listed so there were
few bidders.

The 7CT1N was surprisingly useful when I repaired my DC505. I knew a
couple of 2N3565 transistors were bad but it identified several others
which were close to failing. That would have been missed by a
standard forward voltage drop and hfe test.

I am a little tempted to design an automated source and measure unit
for transistors that goes beyond the basic tests.

On Thu, 21 Mar 2013 16:31:49 -0400 (EDT), larrys@... wrote:

>Got my 577 for less than that.
>jerry massengale <@jmassen418> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I bid 350 on one in january and lost.
>> Jerry Massengale
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>> I got mine about 5 years ago and it cost $135.00
>> Leonard
>> >
>> > I cannot tell a lie. I got my 7CT1 last year for $150.
>> >
>> > Mark

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