Re: Need help with P6133

Robert Simpson

I pushed it out the back. I remember I also used a very small hammer, sometimes called a 'tap' hammer and lightly tapped on the needle nose while it gripped the hook. Note: the part of the hook that is inside has small protrusions that keep it in. The slot edges in the plastic case will deform slightly as you tap out the hook. With care, it will come out, and can be reinserted. Probably not a good repair for a production shop, but for a hobbyist it will work for awhile.

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Thanks Bob. You pulled the hook out from the front? Or did you push it out the back?

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It may be possible to repair this. I have a spring hook tip that has the flat type of hook that had a similar problem. I used a needle nose pliers to push the hook tip out. I found the inside end is kind of shaped like a spade connector. It had spread apart from use and no longer made contact with the probe tip. Using a second pliers to keep the metal flat, I squeezed the splayed end back together. I tested the connect with the prob tip before I forced it back inside the plastic case.
Note there is also a spring inside.


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I'm sure I'm being a dummy, but I suddenly am getting no signal continuity through the spring hook tip when placed on one of my P6133 probes. I'm just about certain I used this same spring clip on this same probe when I cal'd the probe using the cal signal on the scope. The probe itself is fine if I remove the clip and touch the probe tip to the cal point. But when I put the clip housing back on I get nothing. I even tried it on my other 6133 and nothing.

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