Re: It works! It works!

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Yes, damned if you do, damned if you don't. the tiniest particle can become a missile in a vacuum, but as you say, it can also be hard to slide off the case without standing it on end. I guess I just wanted to warn of the possibility. It seems to be a real problem with some of the more exotic tubes with meshes and other fittings. Plus there are real tears if your 7104 tube dies, a lot more to lose.

Cheers, Don Black.

On 08-Mar-13 2:26 AM, HankC wrote:

I have done this dozens of times with nothing bad happening.
A "portable" scope can be expected to be put in all sorts of positions.

Trying to slide the case of in the horiz position has its own risks.
Besides being more cumbersome, you run the risk of damaging components while trying to juggle the case & the guts at the same time.
HankC, Boston

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