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Don Black <donald_black@...>

Thanks Jerry, that makes me feel so much more confident (but what I feared). Can you tell me more on how you unpeel them and do you use any tool for it.
Does anyone have a photo of a cover so I can see how it clips on (I guess there's a lip that catches).

Don Black.

On 27-Feb-13 11:48 PM, jerry massengale wrote:

Hi Don,

Good luck on your recasting. It must be a really difficult thing to get the right thickness.

I have damaged side pieces by removing them. I had better luck by starting the unpeel at the top or bottom edge and get that edge free before trying the other edge.

There is a similar problem removing and installing the rear plastic bracket on plugins. I have found that warming the part with a heat gun helps. Be careful not to overheat and deform. It is a dangerous thing to do but unsnapping cold 40 year old plastic is risky too.

Jerry Massengale

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Hello, I have a 7504 with several interface sockets for the plugins with missing covers. I have a 7603 board to get replacement covers from however I'd like some advice on removing them and replacing them on the 7504. The manual just says "snap the white covers off the side of the connector" and then "snap the covers back on". That sounds fine but with aged plastic that has a reputation for breaking if looked at too hard, I'm afraid any snapping might not be in the way Tektronix meant. So any advice on how to do this with minimum risk of breakage gratefully received. I think they un-clip from the side nearest the board, is this right? Also, in a couple of weeks I'll have a demonstration of plastic casting to reproduce parts and I'm going to see if it's possible to reproduce these covers. I guess one requirement is for a suitable casting plastic to be tough enough to flex and clip on without snapping I'll let you know what I find out.
Thanks, Don Black.

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