Re: Sources for shipping cartons for vintage Tek scopes?

Ron York

Spray foam seems expensive for this task. But there are packaging
services with proper two part foam generators, specifically for
packaging. I think that foam is more dense and there will be no
curing issues. Still, the corners and other bits would need good
reinforcement for anything as heavy as a 500. In some cases it would
be well worth paying to have the entire box interior foamed - good
packing of odd objects can take so much time.

Lowes (it could be home depot, but I think it was lowes) has really
inexpensive shipping boxes. Much less expensive than U-haul, etc.
You can double box to increase strength.


On 2/10/13, Robert <> wrote:
Bag the peanuts in leftover grocery store bags. That will help them stay in
Also, I have used spray foam. Leave the plastic bag open at top over night
to dry.

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